Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New York State of Mind

I was finally able to go to New York this last weekend!   I have wanted to do that since I was about 5 years old.  Ryker got to come too!  His first flight and his first official vacation.  He loved it there because he likes to watch people and he got a ton of attention.

I was only there for three nights and three days which was a perfect amount of time to get a feel for the city, but not enough time to do all that I wanted to do.  I did get to see the Empire State building, eat pizza and a hot dog, and walk down Times Square.  The only thing I really wanted to do but wasn't able to was go to Central Park.  It was right across the street from us too!  UGH!  The weather was so cold when we finally had time.

We went to a coffee place called Birch Coffee.  It was recommended by a good friend of ours and I am glad we went!  The Chai Latte was TO-DIE-FOR !!  Not too sweet at all which I love.  We also got some food there which was, of course, amazing.

While we were walking down Times Square a guy stopped us to tell us Ryker was so cute and looks just like Johnny. :) AHHH made my day! <3

We stayed at the Empire Hotel (beautiful!!) which is the hotel that Chuck Bass owns on Gossip Girl.  It was so cool to see where they film some of the scenes!   OH and Johnny and I swear that we saw Penn Badgley walking down Broadway while we were eating.  He plays Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl.  Penn even gave us eye contact like he knew we knew.  Pretty cool!

A few conclusions I came to while there:

- The food was amazing! (and pricey)
- My affinity to live in the city was confirmed
- Taxi drivers are above the law
- Pizza was great, but still not the best I have personally ever had
- It's not as scary as it may seem
- I love how everyone there has a throw-caution-to-the-wind style about them
- I would be a lot thinner if I lived there because I loved taking my nightly walks alone.

I can't wait to get back and do the things that I wanted to do but didn't have TAKE MORE PICTURES!!

Here are a couple anyway...

Time Warner Center (Johnny's office!!)

Empire State Building

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