Saturday, September 11, 2010

That Chaps My @$$

Today I went on my first 35 mile bike ride.  For most this would seem respectable but it seems like such a small number to me because my husband rides 100 miles all the time!

We did the New Belgium Tour de Fat!  We started at my house and road to down town Denver, around city park, hung out drank beer and ate, then rode home.   We all dressed up as Mormon's and got TONS of compliments, comments and press!!  Even Ryker was dressed up with us.

The only complaints I have about this ride are my wrists are killing me and my ASS is on fire!!!  I know it gets better the more you ride but GEESH!!!

Doing this was a good distraction for me as there has been A LOT going on and according to the guys I "killed" it on climbing the biggest hill (Holly St)  so I am satisfied. :)  and sore.

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