Monday, January 2, 2012

So much has already happened.

Happy New Year!...?.....! (hopefully)

This new year has already had Ups and Downs and its only 6 days in!!  I hope its not an indicator of the rest of the year.

Well, I was SUPER sick through the New Year. I actually fell asleep at 10:00pm the 31st and slept right through it.  I couldn't even be my normal self at the Paddock's party because I was just feeling awful!  By the next day I did feel much better.

On the 2nd Reepi had to have his anal glands removed because they kept getting infected.  It was a rough surgery. The doctor said he has never had one as hard and involved EVER in his 22 years of doing this.  Reepi is not recovering good at all.  I pretty much have to follow him around and sit with him all day to make sure he isn't messing with the wound AND to make sure he is going to the bathroom, eating, etc...  Since there have been so many complications we have to take him in every other day to see the vet.  It's not fun and I feel so sad for him! He must be in so much pain.

That same day (the 2nd) Johnny and I had a consultation with the doctor (Dr. Bush) and Conceptions.  The last time we did that was 4 years ago almost to the day. We have decided to re-weigh all of our options again this time around!!  We've been saying that adoption is our only option but we haven't sat and analyzed if this is still true for us.  So much has changed in 4 years. So we have decided to start here...again.... and it feels so strange.

See how our first appointment went here.

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